We believe that forced labour is a

solvable world problem.

Forced labour happens because the recruitment system is broken. 


Recruiters and trainers charge huge fees to workers but do little to prepare them for migration and work overseas. Workers get in debt to pay these fees, leaving them trapped in dangerous jobs. 


But we're going to fix the system. By becoming the recruiters and trainers ourselves, we will drive industry standards for recruiting migrant workers in Asia. 

Our mission is to build market solutions to end the forced labour of migrant workers across Asia.

The recruitment system is broken. But we are going to fix it.

We are engaging big business in the fight to end forced labour.

We treat donations as investments that will accelerate our growth.




 24.9 million people globally are trapped in forced labour. Debt bondage is one of the most prevalent forms of forced labour.

Statistic from: Global Estimates of Modern Slavery: Forced Labour and Forced Marriage , Geneva, September 2017.

Across Asia, employment agencies and training centres push workers into forced labour by charging huge fees while doing little to prepare them for their jobs. The result is a broken market that is failing both migrant workers and employers.


We believe forced labour is solvable with market interventions. This is why our priority is to change the market. By becoming the biggest and best recruiters and trainers, we believe we will influence the government and broader market.



Market problems can be fixed with market solutions.

Forced labour is a market problem, caused by misalignments in the market that make workers vulnerable to exploitation and does disservice to employers. Since 2014, we have been building out market solutions that will make migration work better for everyone.


Fair Employment Agency is a non-profit employment agency that is driving industry standards for hiring migrant domestic workers.


As we do not charge fees to workers, our focus is on being transparent and trustworthy, and making the right match between employer and worker. We believe that by being the best employment agency in Hong Kong, we will become the biggest, and gain influence to change the system from within.


Fair Training Center is a non-profit, social business in the Philippines that prepares first-time migrant workers for life and work overseas. The training program is results-focused, covering topics such as:

  • professionalism & maintaining good relationships with employers

  • parenting from abroad

  • financial literacy

  • rights education

  • dealing with difficult situations, homesickness

  • adapting to a new city

and other life skills workers need to be successful migrants

The Fair Hiring Pledge is an agreement between companies and the public stating that management expects their employees to hire domestic workers fairly. We engage forward-thinking companies to support fair hiring and encourage their staff to be part of the solution. We provide in-house information sessions and management workshops on how to hire fairly and how to have improved employer-worker relations.

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We are working with a local group in the Philippines to build an ethical exporting agency, Honest Jobs. We see the potential for Honest Jobs to elevate the standards for recruitment by partnering in many receiving-side markets.

See the Fair Report

Learn more about our progress and how the market has changed: