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We believe that forced labour is a solvable world problem.

Forced labour happens because the recruitment system is broken. 


Recruiters and trainers charge huge fees to workers but do little to prepare them for migration and work overseas. Workers get in debt to pay these fees, leaving them trapped in dangerous jobs. 


But we're going to fix the system. As recruiters and trainers ourselves, we understand and respond to the demands of the market. Our initiatives set the standard for global migrant recruitment.

Our mission is to build market-driven solutions to end the forced labour of migrant workers across Asia.




24.9 million people globally are trapped in forced labour.
Debt bondage is one of the most prevalent forms of forced labour.

Statistic from: Global Estimates of Modern Slavery: Forced Labour and Forced Marriage , Geneva, September 2017.

Currently, migrant recruitment is a highly fragmented process. This means it is difficult to place accountability and pinpoint problem areas. This fragmentation has led to overcharging of workers and other abusive practices in the market.


The migration process needs to be readapted and streamlined. We outline how this can be done in
the Fair Model for recruitment. In the Fair Model, we shift the incentive structure so that the parties are focused on getting the best-prepared workers into jobs. By streamlining the employment agencies with other elements of the process there is greater accountability to and transparency for workers and employers. 

See it here.

Our Solutions


Market problems can be fixed with market solutions.

Forced labour is a market problem, caused by misalignments in the market that make workers vulnerable to exploitation and does disservice to employers. Since 2014, we have been building out market solutions that will make migration work better for everyone.


Fair Employment Agency is a non-profit employment agency that is driving industry standards for hiring migrant domestic workers.


As we do not charge fees to workers, our focus is on being transparent and trustworthy, and making the right match between employer and worker. We believe that by being the best employment agency in Hong Kong, we will become the biggest, and gain influence to change the system from within.


Fair Training Center is a non-profit, social business in the Philippines that prepares first-time migrant workers for life and work overseas. The training program is results-focused, covering topics such as:

  • professionalism & maintaining good relationships with employers

  • parenting from abroad

  • financial literacy

  • rights education

  • dealing with difficult situations, homesickness

  • adapting to a new city

and other life skills workers need to be successful migrants

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With Honest Jobs, the Fair Group will enable other ethical agency players to drive progress in their own markets. We will fund, support and mentor local entrepreneurs in replicating our successes in their contexts. Together, we will respond to growing demand for ethical recruitment solutions globally. 


Our Resources

Fair Hiring & Managing Guide

Equipped with the right information, employers can ensure that they are hiring domestic helpers fairly - avoiding unscrupulous agencies and ensuring suitable matches for their families.


We've created this guide to help employers navigate this whole process so that they have the best chance for success with the worker they hire.


Click below to download the guide.


Get Answers: Online Resources for Employers

Our online resource portal has over one hundred articles answering frequently asked questions from employers and workers.


This includes practical and easily accessible information on topics ranging from calculating annual leave entitlements to managing a team of co-workers. 

Click below to access our Get Answers platform.

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