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Fair Hiring and Managing Session

Fair Employment Foundation runs Fair Hiring and Managing Sessions hosted at companies, churches, schools, and membership-based organizations. The session covers how the recruitment system works and its impact on employers, the role we can play in preventing forced labor, and practical advice on how to responsibly hire and manage a domestic worker.

Please contact us if you are interested in hosting a Fair Hiring & Managing Session at your company or organization. 



Fair has partnered with over 60 companies to help people learn about ethical recruitment. Here are some of the companies we have proudly partnered with:

Of those who attended a Fair Hiring & Managing Session in the last year and filled our a feedback survey:

  • 83% agreed or strongly agreed that the content and session delivery were effective. 

  • 87% agreed or strongly agreed that they learned something new and/or relevant.

  • 80% agreed or strongly agreed feeling empowered to share or act on what they learned.

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