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Fair Hiring and Managing Session

Fair Employment Foundation runs Fair Hiring and Managing Sessions for company employees and membership-based organizations. The session covers topics such as how the recruitment system works and how to hire and manage a domestic worker ethically.

Please contact us if you are interested in hosting a Fair Hiring & Managing Session at your company or organization. 



Fair has partnered with the following companies to help their employees learn about the ethical hiring and management of migrant domestic workers. 

Of those who have attended a Fair Hiring & Managing Session*:


  • 57% were not aware of the charging of illegal recruitment fees to migrant domestic workers before the session.

  • 75% said that the session added considerable new information on hiring fairly, with an additional 25% who said that it added "somewhat to their knowledge".

  • 64% said that the session added considerable new information on managing fairly, with an additional 28% said it added "somewhat to their knowledge."

  • 75% felt very confident to talk to others about fair hiring and managing after the session.


*Based on responses to surveys in 2018.

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