Meet the Team

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Scott Stiles

Co-Founder and CEO, Fair Employment Foundation
Co-Founder, Fair Employment Agency

Scott is the Co-Founder and CEO of the Fair Employment Foundation and Co-Founder and Board Advisor of Fair Employment Agency. After an internship in Hong Kong, Scott spent his last year at university developing a business plan for an ethical placement agency that would set a new standard for the broken recruitment market. He and his co-founders realised the plan as Fair Employment Agency.

Since 2014, FEF initiatives continues to set new standards for recruitment and training, improving the eco-system of migrant worker recruitment. Scott is an Ashoka Fellow and one of Forbes “30 Under 30” social entrepreneurs in Asia.

Zofia Niesterowicz-Lawrence

Head of Development

Zofia was inspired by Fair’s mission to prove that world problems can be solved with practical market solutions. Joining Fair, she brought her extensive experience in fundraising and donor-engagement for NGOs in the UK. She now ensures our initiatives are resourced to meet their target outcomes and works closely with our supporters and donors who have generously committed to solving forced labour.

Victoria Ahn

Head of Communications

Victoria puts her creative streak to work spearheading the communications and marketing of all Fair Employment Foundation initiatives. Prior to joining Fair, she worked in Communications and Fundraising at charity providing financial education to migrant domestic workers. She is motivated by the opportunity to improve the recruitment system to work better for workers and their families. 

Hannah Kitching

Assistant Accountant

Hannah informs operational decisions at the Fair Employment Foundation and its entities with financial analysis and monitoring. She completed a business degree at Auckland University majoring in accountancy and draws upon her experience from a range of industries including architecture, health and education. Through her work, Hannah hopes to bolster the Foundation’s strategies to end the forced labour for migrant workers.

Our Board of Directors

Tammy Baltz

Tammy Baltz was volunteering for Hong Kong NGO, Helpers for Domestic Helpers, when she saw the opportunity for Fair Employment Foundation to address the root cause of forced labour. Having spent over a decade providing legal support to domestic workers who had been overcharged by employment agencies, Tammy concluded that only systemic change could stop the revolving door of indebted workers. Tammy has a background as a CPA at PricewaterhouseCoopers and an SAP consultant in the US, Europe and Asia.

Kimberly Cole

Kimberly Cole is a global business executive with over 20 years in senior leadership roles in financial services and technology. Kimberly is also passionate about inspiring and connecting women to be bold, to extend themselves and to take risks. She founded the Risky Women network and podcast, Risky Women Radio and Women in Finance Asia network for professional women. She is a staunch advocate for stopping modern-day slavery. During her time at Reuters and Thomson Reuters, she co-founded Trust Forum Asia and the Stop Slavery Summit - platforms for action to put slavery out of business and has worked closely with NGO Partners, government and industry to address this crime looking closely at how data and technology can be used as solutions.

Jennifer Meehan

Jennifer Meehan joined Fair Employment Foundation just a few months after its set up, inspired by the vision to address - at scale - the root causes of forced labour. Jennifer has focused her career on the empowerment of the most marginalized communities in Asia and beyond, with a focus on business approaches to social change. She worked with Grameen Foundation from 2005 to 2013 where her last role was co-head of Global Programs and Asia Regional CEO.

Joanne Oswin

Joanne Oswin and her family are actively involved in the Hong Kong community and have a number of charities whose work and purpose they promote and support. She is honoured to have the opportunity to support Fair Employment Foundation in its mission to establish an ethical market solution to help solve the world's forced labour problem. Joanne worked with PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) for 28 years. She specialised in consulting on corporate reorganisations until 2005 and from then through 2017 held the position of Chief Operating Officer for PwC China.

Lynnette Sarno

Lynnette Sarno is the Global Head of Human Resources at Macquarie Group. Macquarie Group is a global provider of banking, financial, advisory, investment and funds management services. Prior to her current role, Lynnette served as its Chief Operating Officer, Asia and Regional Head of Human Resources, Asia based in Hong Kong and Head of Employee Relations, Americas, based in New York. Prior to joining Macquarie, Lynette was a partner at Seyfarth Shaw LLP where she was a labour employment lawyer representing multi -national corporations. Lynnette has served as an officer and director at various non-profit organizations in the US and Hong Kong.