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Be part of the solution to
end forced labour, join our team 


Fair Employment Foundation builds market solutions to end the forced labour of migrant workers in Asia. Some of our initiatives are social businesses that generate revenue. Others are pioneering solutions and technologies that help workers and employers alike.


We are now ready to scale our solutions in Hong Kong, the Philippines and beyond, and we are looking for a talented and ambitious change-maker to join our growing team.

Migration has the potential to help bring millions out of poverty. But current misalignments in the market leave workers vulnerable to exploitation and does a disservice to employers. Sadly, this is a problem across industries globally.


Fortunately, we know it can be solved!


Since 2014, we have been building out market solutions that will make migration work better for everyone. Our initiatives are setting the standard for ethical recruitment, training for migration, and management.


Want to be part of our team? 

We need brilliant people who believe business can be a cause for good. We need people who think big, but don’t mind digging through the details as we continue to build something special. If this sounds like you, come join us! Contact us at

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