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There are many ways to get involved to end the forced labor of migrant workers across Asia


​Believe or not, you have a lot to offer when it comes to making an impact!
Find out more about how you can do your part in making an impact in the lives of migrant workers today.

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Consider giving a monthly or one-off donation to support our mission to end financial exploitation and the forced labor of migrant workers across Asia.


We are able to accept financial donations online or in other ways.


Your financial support also enables us to expand our work into new frontiers, including eldercare, helping domestic workers from Indonesia, and providing life skills training to migrant laborers deployed in other sectors across the Asia Pacific region.

*Any donation of HKD 100 or over is entitled to a tax deduction receipt - Fair Employment Foundation Selection - 157.jpg


Work with us to schedule a Fair Hiring and Managing Session at your company or organization.   This can be as simple as a session over lunch hour hosted in a meeting room at your company or organization.

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Whether you are representing a corporation or an individual looking to make a difference, we are always open to learning! 


Fair provides a range of partnership opportunities, which can be tailored based on corporate social responsibility and employee wellbeing priorities.  Fair also accepts in-kind donations of products and/or services, as well as skills-based volunteering from individuals aiming to leverage their professional experience.


Connect with us and we'd love to explore ways we can partner together!​

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The Fair Agency Newsletter is sent out by the Fair Employment Agency every month. The newsletter includes the latest updates on domestic helper hiring and managing. We also include tips and resources useful to all employers of domestic helpers in Hong Kong. 

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